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Recording: 2018-09-27 , Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (© Walter Bickmann)

Interview / Portrait

Felix M. Ott

Felix M. Ott

His personal creation and research is supported for the next few years by the European „Apap“ art platform. His work is also supported by the City of Berlin and the Goethe Institut. Felix‘ work tends to create reflexive, more than conceptual, spaces where the spectator is invited to discover the and his/her unconscious world, to call for his own creativity in order to recreate one world with the fragments that the surrealistic writing of the artist proposes to him. Within this, Felix Mathias Ott wants to create a silent dive from reality into fiction, which wishes to contrast our contemporary ways to receive information, and get influenced all over with screamed out manipulative slogans.

Trailers and Video Documentations

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