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Recording: 2019-02-09 , Radialsystem (© Walter Bickmann)

Interview / Portrait

Sergiu Matis

Sergiu Matis

Sergiu Matis was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He studied dance at Liceul de Coregrafie in Cluj and then at Akademie des Tanzes Mannheim as a scholar of Tanzstiftung Birgit Keil. Matis started his professional career at Tanztheater Nürnberg. Since 2008 he has been living in Berlin where he worked with artists including Colette Sadler – Stammer Productions, Yossi Berg, Oded Graf, Daniel Kok and Jee-Ae Lim. Since 2009 he has been dancing in numerous productions by Sasha Waltz & Guests. In 2014 he finished his Master in Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) at the HZT Berlin. In addition to the body, Matis works with the voice as an equivalent instrument of dance. He choreographs meaning and ideas using language as a performative text. Sergiu Matis’ choreographies have been shown in Berlin and international theaters.

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