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Recording: 2014-11-11 , HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU1) (Video © Walter Bickmann)

Laurent Chétouane, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop


HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU1)

Production Details / Press Releases

or any piece based on the St. John Passion, it is not enough merely to put the characters of this drama on stage. Instead, what should be shown is how hearing Bach’s composition, this “spectacular machine”, can touch, move, alter, and jolt the listeners’ bodies. Perhaps the drama of any Passion doesn’t play out at all in the figure of Jesus Christ, but on the side of the listener. As such, the drama centres on creating a coexistence in which its values are no longer celebrated, but called into question. BACH / PASSION / JOHANNES is the third part of a trilogy about togetherness. Working with the Berlin soloists ensemble Kaleidoskop, Chétouane presents an adaptation of Bach’s music with four dancers, a singer and seven musicians.

Cast & Credits

Dance: Lisa Densem, Nitsan Margaliot, Mikael Marklund, Sigal Zouk
Music: Timoti Fregni, Clara Gervais, Nari Hong, Tammin Julian Lee,
Ildiko Ludwig, Yumi Onda, and Michael Rauter
Singing: Senem Gökçe Oğultekin and the musicians
Choreography: Laurent Chétouane and the dancers
Editing of the original: Michael Rauter and soloists ensemble
Room: Laurent Chétouane and Matthias Nebel
Costumes: Sophie Reble
Light: Stefan Riccius
Sound: Johann Günther
Dramaturgical advice: Leonie Otto
Body coaching: Patricia Brülhart
Collaboration Choreography: Leonie Rodrian
Assistant costume: Lydia Sonderegger
Accomplishment: Lisa Blöchle
Production management: Christine Kammer and Hendrik Unger

Tanz: Lisa Densem, Nitsan Margaliot, Mikael Marklund, Sigal Zouk
Musik: Timoti Fregni, Clara Gervais, Nari Hong, Tammin Julian Lee,
Ildiko Ludwig, Yumi Onda, Michael Rauter
Gesang: Senem Gökçe Oğultekin und die Musiker
Choreografie: Laurent Chétouane und die Tänzer
Bearbeitung des Originals: Michael Rauter und Solistenensemble
Raum: Laurent Chétouane und Matthias Nebel
Kostüme: Sophie Reble
Licht: Stefan Riccius
Ton: Johann Günther
Dramaturgische Beratung: Leonie Otto
Körper Coaching: Patricia Brülhart
Mitarbeit Choreographie: Leonie Rodrian
Assistenz Kostüm: Lydia Sonderegger
Hospitanz: Lisa Blöchle
Produktion: Christine Kammer und Hendrik Unger
Production: Johannespassion GbR in collaboration with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop. Co-Production: Hebbel am Ufer, Kampnagel Hamburg, Kaaitheater Brüssel, Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (FR), Tanzquartier Wien, Maillon – Théâtre de Strasbourg / Scène européene, TAP – Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers, Metz en Scène, Tanzhaus NRW, House On Fire with support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. Funded by Basisförderung Berlin/ Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V./3-jährige Konzeptionsförderung aus Mitteln des Bundes. Supported by Rudolf Augstein Stiftung and Dock11/Eden*****Berlin.

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU1)

Stresemannstr. 29
10963 Berlin

Tickets: +49 (0)30 259 004 27

Video Documentation

The video documentation is produced on behalf of the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion. The purpose of this contract is to document productions in the field of contemporary dance in Berlin. The master recordings are archived by the University Library of the Berlin University of Arts. Copies of the recordings on DVD are available for viewing exclusively in the reference collections of the following archives (at media desks in these institutions):

University Library of the Berlin University of Arts
Mediathek für Tanz und Theater des Internationalen Theaterinstituts / Mime Centrum Berlin
Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT)

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