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Recording: 2010-01-30 , Kunsthaus Tacheles (Video © Walter Bickmann)

David Bloom


Kunsthaus Tacheles

Production Details / Press Releases

Laura, Justin, Jim & Kai navigate their way through life in the big city. Sometimes alone, occasionally together. Hosted by Esther Edelstein.

Cast & Credits

Choreography in collaboration with the dancers: David Bloom
Dance: Laura Keil, Justin F. Kennedy, James L. Neirinck, Kai Simon Stöger
Hostess: Esther Gemstone
Sound: Ludwig van Beethoven / Friedrich Schiller, Spankox
Coaching: Ka Rustler, Jorgos Fokianos
Many thanks to Alex, Karsten, Nik, Ingo, Helge, Dr. Berger, Katharina Resch, Christine & John Cameron Mitchell

David Bloom / Trailers and Video Documentations

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