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Meeting of Minds
Recording: 2015-08-15 , Tanz im August 2015 | Haus der Berliner Festspiele (Video © Walter Bickmann)

Rosemary Butcher, Lucinda Childs

Meeting of Minds

Tanz im August 2015 | Haus der Berliner Festspiele

Production Details / Press Releases

Meeting of Minds is a dialogue between Tanz im August artists and other guests from various disciplines after the performance.

Cast & Credits

With: Rosemary Butcher, Lucinda Childs und Virve Sutinen

Tanz im August 2015
Artistic director: Virve Sutinen
Production management: Sven Neumann
Artistic collaboration & project management: Andrea Niederbuchner
Tanz im August is a festival by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, funded by the the Capital Culture Fund and the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs.
Supported by Aventis Foundation.

Haus der Berliner Festspiele

Schaperstraße 24
10719 Berlin

Tickets: +49 (o)30 254 89 100

Video Documentation

The video documentation is produced on behalf of the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion. The purpose of this contract is to document productions in the field of contemporary dance in Berlin. The master recordings are archived by the University Library of the Berlin University of Arts. Copies of the recordings on DVD are available for viewing exclusively in the reference collections of the following archives (at media desks in these institutions):

University Library of the Berlin University of Arts
Mediathek für Tanz und Theater des Internationalen Theaterinstituts / Mime Centrum Berlin
Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT)

Rosemary Butcher / Trailers and Video Documentations

Lucinda Childs / Trailers and Video Documentations

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