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Recording: 2017-01-08 , Tanztage Berlin 2017 | Sophiensæle (Video © Walter Bickmann)

Anna Aristarkhova


Tanztage Berlin 2017 | Sophiensæle

Production Details / Press Releases

Instructions for friends – level of difficulty: easy:
1 Look at each other and possibly smile
2 Possibly open your arms slightly to prepare each other mentally
3 Approach each other and put your arms around each other’s neck, waist or hips*
4 Head is slightly tilted towards the left side, towards the right shoulder of the partner
5 Press yourselves to one another
6 Stop the body contact before you feel uncomfortable*
* (The position of the arms and the duration of the hug depends on the degree of friendship)

Anna Aristarkhova(*1987, Moscow, Russia) studied contemporary dance in Moscow and in Frankfurt/Main and Choreography (MA) HZT Berlin as a scholarship holder of German Academic Scholarship Foundation. She currently lives and works as a freelance artist in Berlin.

Anna Fingerhuth received her education as well as her first artistic influences from the Ballettzentrum Hamburg John Neumeier, the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz, the TU Dresden and the Wichern-Schule Hamburg. Artistic work after her graduation includes projects with Ismail Ivo, Jan Pusch, Jacopo Godani, Wayne McGregor und Cristiana Morganti.

Emma Tricard is a performer, collaborator and choreographer living in Berlin. She graduated from the CCN of Rillieux-La-Pape directed by Maguy Marin and studied “Dance, Context, Choreography” at the HZT Berlin. In 2013, she co-founded the artistic collective BlingBling Recycling.

Grėtė Šmitaitė was born in Lithuania and lived there for 20 years. She worked with choreographers Marijanas Staniulenas, Anna Aristarkhova and in Aura Dance Theater; she studied with film directors Gela Kandelaki and Dovile Gasiunaite. In 2017 Grėtė graduates from Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin.

Jonas Maria Droste practice bridges notions of work and practice as means to artistic production within the field of performing and visual art. He graduated as a Meisterschüler at the UDK, Berlin. Building on top of an artistic practice of installation and conceptually driven sculptural work he is currently enrolled in the HZT, Berlin.
Yuya Fujinami studied dance in Japan. He went to study at Accademia Nazionale Di Danza and Hamburg Ballet School. After graduation he worked at Theater Chemnitz, Landestheater Innsbruck and Staatstheater Braunschweig. In 2015 he moved to Berlin and works there as a freelancer, teacher and choreographer.

Gretchen Blegen is a visual artist and a light-designer. Works with words, light (& shadows), space and occassionally sounds. Occupies herself with the boarders of dance and performance. Recent interests are conversation, dreaming and the act of telling.

Sandra Umathum, Professor for Theater Studies and Dramaturgy at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts

Jan Willem Dreier, born 1987, stuied within the multidisciplinary B.A. Culture-Theater-Film in Mainz. Master-Studies in Dramaturgy since 2014 at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin. Active as Dramaturg in Theater and Dance and as Screenwriting-Lecturor for Broadcast and Film.

Anna Philippa Müller (born 1992 in Bonn) is taking part in the masters program of costume design at UdK. She has been working as a costume designer in dance, performance, theatre and film. At the moment she is doing costume design for Rossini´s “Il Viaggio a Reims”, directed by Frank Hilbrich.

Annett Hardegen is dramaturge and producer. She is constantly working with Boris Nikitin, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Deufert & Plischke. She is co-founder and artistic director of Vierte Welt Kollaborationen, a free platform for performance, politics and discourse in Berlin.

Philipp Weinrich is a freelance film and media producer, post production supervisor and photographer. His career to date spans over 160 features, documentaries, shorts and music videos, including working with Jim Jarmusch (Only Lovers Left Alive) and Ari Folman (The Congress). He’s participating in Ania Aristarkhovas projects since 2014.

Cast & Credits

PERFOMANCE, CREATION: Emma Tricard, Anna Fingerhuth, Grete Šmitaite, Yuya Fujinami, Jonas Maria Droste
LIGHT DESIGN: Gretchen Blegen
DRAMATURGY: Sandra Umathum, Jan Willem Dreier
COSTUME: Anna Philippa Charlotte Müller
MUSIC: Ferdinand Breil, “Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper” by Dream Theater (edited by Ferdinand Breil), Sonata “Al Santo Sepolcro”: II Allegro ma poco by Antonio Vivaldi, “Silhouette” by Kenny G , “Love Scene Version 6” by Pink Floyd
MUSE: Philipp Weinrich
In coproduction with HZT Berlin and Uferstudios GmbH / Project Life Long Burning.
Supported by the cultural program of the European Union.
With the kind support of HZT.

DRAMATURGICAL SUPPORT: Thomas Schaupp, Maja Zimmermann
The 26th Tanztage Berlin are a production of SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. With the support of Goethe-Institut, Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V. and mapping dance berlin.


Sophienstraße 18
10178 Berlin

Tickets: (030) 283 52 66

Video Documentation

The video documentation is produced on behalf of the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion. The purpose of this contract is to document productions in the field of contemporary dance in Berlin. The master recordings are archived by the University Library of the Berlin University of Arts. Copies of the recordings on DVD are available for viewing exclusively in the reference collections of the following archives (at media desks in these institutions):

University Library of the Berlin University of Arts
Mediathek für Tanz und Theater des Internationalen Theaterinstituts / Mime Centrum Berlin
Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT)

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