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Recording: 2023-02-24 , Tanzfabrik / Uferstudios (Video © Bickmann & Kolde GbR)

Moritz Majce


Fold – New Works #2 | Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding

Production Details / Press Releases


How can we meet each other so that everyone can authentically be themselves? “Physis” by Moritz Majce and the dancers Johanna Ackva, Ágnes Grélinger, Zuki Ringart, Yuri Shimaoka, and Cary Shiu aims to celebrate being together in space and time – without ignoring the differences, the risk, the improbability, and the fragility of this togetherness.

The performers dance the connections between the bodies and connect the bodies with their movements. “Physis” is a search for bodily space, a shared landscape created by bodies together where references arise and pass between all those present. By means of a specially developed relational movement practice, Relational Flow, which includes the physical presence of the visitors, a spatial continuum is created between the movers and the visitors.

With “Physis”, the performers do not present a self-contained piece to an audience but share an embodied experience of interconnectedness. “Physis” asks how the role of the spectator could and should be changed. How can we allow each other space, be in contact and be our real selves, how to be true companions?

Moritz Majce (he/him) is a Berlin-based movement artist who works on shared space choreographies: moving installations and walk-in performances. His artistic practice explores what takes place between bodies in the presence of each other. Since 2019 he has been working on Relational Flow, a collective movement practice for dancers that incorporates the bodies and senses of the audience.

Johanna Ackva‘s choreographic and artistic interest lies in the moment of encounter with oneself, with others and with all those who collectively make the world. Exploring the material, affective, symbolic, and political dimensions of human interrelations, she links processes of research and experimentation with those of public sharing. In addition to various body- and movement-based practices, conversations – with experts, strangers, and friends – make up an essential part of her work.

Ágnes Grélinger is a Hungarian dancer, choreographer, teacher. Graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts, she is working now internationally in Hungary, Denmark and Germany, produces her own site-specific work on the relation between the human and non-human and collaborates with other artists. She has worked with Moritz Majce, Frédéric Gies, Eleanor Bauer, Sara Shelton Mann, Andreas Liebmann amongst others.

Zuki Ringart is a medium-fluid artist coming from dance and performance, raised in Israel, based in Berlin, works in between. Zuki graduated from MASPA and VIDP dance training programs (Israel), and from the B.A. program at HZT (Berlin). Since 2015 Zuki has created works and collaborated with several artists and choreographers as a dancer, performer and dramaturg.

Cary Shiu is a dancer born in Hong Kong, living in Berlin. He graduated from the MA SODA course (Solo/Dance/Authorship) at HZT/UDK in Berlin, and received dance training in La Manufacture, Switzerland. He is currently engaged in projects directed by Zufit Simon, Lee Meir and Moritz Majce. Since 2019, he has collaborated with the improvisation ensemble Instant PIG//Stuttgart. His current interest is the senses of care, which he explores and reflects upon through his work as a dancer.

Yuri Shimaoka is a dancer from Nagano, Japan. Since 2015 she is based in Berlin and has been collaborating with various artists in screen, VR, installation and dance. She has worked with Yoko Ando and YCAM InterLab, Matteo Marziano Graziano, Ersan Mondtag, IASA and among others. As a guest teacher, she has been giving ballet classes with a somatic approach in open dance studios and schools.


TFB Nr. 1735

Cast & Credits

Direction & Development: Moritz Majce
Artistic Contribution: Sandra Man
Performance & Development: Johanna Ackva, Ágnes Grélinger, Zuki Ringart, Yuri Shimaoka, Cary Shiu
Development: Djibril Sall
Companions: Marga Alfeirao, Elena Basteri, Regina Baumgart, Giorigia Bovo, Helen Burghardt, Lisa Densem, Charlie Fouchier, Anna Galt, Nik Haffner, Yu-Yuan Huang, Mira Jochimsen, Moo Kim, Dany Kirilov, David Kummer, Kata Kwiatkowska, Paul Meier, Kouroush Mostoufi, Ingrid Müller-Farny, Peter Pleyer, Evan Swisher, Rai Todoroff, Aya Toraiwa, Hussein Zaki
Public Companions: Evgenia Chetverkova, Yi-Chi Lee, Sunayana Shetty, Nobutaka Shomura
Outside Eye: Bettina Neuhaus
Body Training: Sigal Zouk
Costume Design: Filippo Cecconi, Nina Loxton
Idea & Concept Space Suits 4.0: Moritz Majce & Nina Loxton
Production: Micayla Laco, Tiphaine Carrère Loquet
Technics: Andreas Harder, Marc Lagies
Translation: Anna Galt

A production by Moritz Majce & Sandra Man
Coproduction: Tanzfabrik Berlin
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

Tanzfabrik Berlin / Wedding

Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin

Video Documentation

The video documentation is produced on behalf of the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion. The purpose of this contract is to document productions in the field of contemporary dance in Berlin. The master recordings are archived by the University Library of the Berlin University of Arts. Copies of the recordings on DVD are available for viewing exclusively in the reference collections of the following archives (at media desks in these institutions):

University Library of the Berlin University of Arts
Mediathek für Tanz und Theater des Internationalen Theaterinstituts / Mime Centrum Berlin
Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT)

Moritz Majce / Trailers and Video Documentations

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