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Aufnahme: 16.03.2013 , NAH DRAN 37 | ada Studio (Video © Walter Bickmann)

Patrick Faurot

I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of all

NAH DRAN 37 | ada Studio in den Uferstudios

Texte zur Produktion

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In relation to the novel „Malone Dies“ by Samuel Beckett, „I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of all“ is a choreography of compulsive actions and words, of inertia, and of exhaustion. Thought and action being uncorrelated, the mind and the body move at different speeds, or rather in alternate directions, or rather the body is at rest and the mind is in motion. Or the body is at rest in space but in constant internal motion while the mind gawks at the body. The essential shape is the circle, or perhaps the line; both reduce to a point. The essential image is a man lying on his deathbed via a man riding a bicycle. If I had the use of my body, I would throw it out of the window.

Patrick Faurot is an American choreographer, dancer, and musician. Faurot studied mathematics and dance at Columbia University in New York City and moved to Berlin in 2007 where he worked extensively for two years at the Karmanoia-Gaya Theater in Neukölln directing experimental and site-specific theater. In 2010, Faurot traveled to Buenos Aires for a year-long residency at the Querida Elena Teatro. In Buenos Aires, Faurot choreographed and directed „köpfmaschine“, his first work in dance-theater based on Oscar Wilde’s one-act play, „Salome“. Upon returning to Berlin in 2011, Faurot formed his company Pasullero Dance Theater and began a two-year cycle entitled „Studies for Prophet Machine“ that explores the image of John the Baptist and the aesthetics precipitated by „köfpmaschine“. „I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of all“ marks both a synthesis of these studies and a transition towards a new cycle of work dealing with human behavior and the forces that shape our daily actions.

Besetzung & Credits

Konzept: Patrick Faurot
Performance: Patrick Faurot, David Necchi, Luc Reboullet

ada Studio wird gefördert durch die Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats.
Leitung / Organisation: Gabi Beier
Pressearbeit: Silke Wiethe
Technische Leitung & Lichtdesign: Ansgar Tappert
Wir danken dem Hochschulübergreifenden Zentrum Tanz Berlin und dem Uferstudios-Team für die Unterstützung!

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