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Aufnahme: 03.02.2013 , Ballhaus Rixdorf (Video © Walter Bickmann)

Chaim Gebber


Ballhaus Rixdorf

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Researching the spellbinding moment of object turning subject – the mundane into a fetish.

A dance research project headed by the Brazilian choreographer Chaim Gebber. We aim to dig into the trigger points of our shift in perception, when we charge an object or body part with a certain aura and suddenly fetishize it. What happens in this moment of transformation? Through the „Conscious Body System“ of Gebber, we find ways to approach this topic by familiarizing and the again alienating ourselves from the body and our sense of touch.

Besetzung & Credits

Konzept / Regie: Chaim Gebber
Mit: Anna Németh, Lisa Gaden, Mina Lange, Chaim Gebber, Erol Alexander, Philipp Meyer
Musik: Organisches Milchbaby

Ballhaus Rixdorf

Kottbusser Damm 76
10967 Berlin

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