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Recording: 2014-09-19 , DOCK 11 (Video © Walter Bickmann)

TEN PEN CHii art labor



Production Details / Press Releases

The combination of performative elements and room consuming installation is a traditional element of TEN PEN CHii ART LABORs work.

The term Mi-LAI means “FUTURE” in Japanese. It is used in a way that implies that the future needs no delay or that it can be worked on directly. The underlying assumption is that everything that happens in the future may be influenced by the past but doesn’t necessarily have to be. The main force towards the future however is a philosophical thought, a kind of lightning fire ball in our head.

The theme of last years project by TEN PEN CHii ART LABOR was KONTON “CHAOS TO FUTURE”. Through chaos and a situation of complete disorder and confusion, a gap is created in the sense of a confusing absence of order in a previously defined structure. This gives the creative individual the opportunity to fill this space.

Mi-LAI aims to set up a theoretical philosophical construct and lays down theoretical corner stones. The mental image of the future is seen as an untainted clean space. It is up to us what we take into this clean space. Within this theoretical construct it is believed that everything can be changed. This however is only possible if there is a clean cut from the past. This is probably the biggest and most difficult step in a real-life situation. Within the concept of Mi-lai, however, it is assumed, that the past can be completely detached and that the whole future therefore can and must be shaped.

If philosophical thoughts are perceived as fire within the mind, this can spark a torrent of fireworks, similar to a Arc welding light or the melting fire of an industrial steel melting oven. A huge package of energy is created which needs to be put on a certain track. Epiphanies and ideas can not be avoided. It is a joy to receive them, but it can be a burden too, as they bring responsibility for the future with them. Therefore we have been given the task to create.

Compulsive thoughts are usually related to past experiences, threatening circumstances, crises or similar conditions. This leads to the next step, the unrest of the mind. A kind of pregnancy with thought which ripens over time.
Mental lightning fire ball in the brain are new starting points, are able to influence existential crisis and can lead to an autonomously shaped future.

This shall be realised through a kind of idea birth machine and performative interpretation.

Cast & Credits

Direction, concept, installation, lighting design: JoaXhim Manger (D)
Choreography: Yumiko Yoshioka (J) & Team
Composition, music: Zam Johnson (US)
Performance: Dara Jin (It), Ichi Go (J), Matilde Javier Ciria (ES), Natsuko Kono (Y)
Lighting: Spiros Paterakis (GR)
Assisted by: Christos Mpirakos (GR), Jens Zimmermann (Germany), Michael Krause (Germany), Tom Adam (NL), Yukihiro Ikutani (J)
Funded by: Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald, Land Steiermark, graz / kult & gvv. + Steierischekulturinitiative, and supported by schloss bröllin e.V and DOCK 11


Kastanienallee 79
10435 Berlin



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