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In order to stimulate public engagement with contemporary dance, we are producing a new online video format as part of the EU-sponsored project „Taf – Tanzforum Berlin“. Current dance performances in Berlin are filmed by the Tanzforum team and also attended by a dance journalist. After each performance a video review is recorded at the venue and then posted on the following day at together with video excerpts. This new video format is created in collaboration with Elisabeth Nehring and Frank Schmid.

Elisabeth Nehring is a freelance journalist and critic for a range of broadcasters, arts publications and newspapers. She specialises in live reports, radio features and in-depth reports on arts-related issues and cultural policy, e.g. reviews of dance/performance festivals across the globe (especially eastern Europe and the Middle East). She also works as a dance dramaturg and as a host for arts-related panel discussions. In addition to classical and contemporary dance, Elisabeth Nehring studied literature and theatre in Berlin. In 2002 she completed her doctoral thesis on theatre concepts of the classic modern era at the Technical University of Berlin.

Frank Schmid works as a freelance journalist, moderator, critic and writer on dance/dance theatre for e.g. RBB Kulturradio.


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