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Recording: 2020-09-19 , ACUDtheater (Video © Walter Bickmann)

Claudia Garbe

Ins Weite / Far Out

ACUD Theater

Production Details / Press Releases

„Only when I’ve stepped over the threshold, I realize that things have changed.“
Rachel Cusk, „A Life’s Work“

In the solo “Ins Weite/ Far Out” Claudia Garbe explores and examines (female) identities. The dramaturgy of the solo is based on deconstructing and reconstructing the German lullaby “Guten Abend, Gute Nacht” by Johannes Brahms. The piece is composed through a juxtaposition between a body-based, rhythmical exploration of breathing, and the theatrically-oriented development of a female figure making use of accessories such as wigs and high heels. The solo performer shifts between, on the one hand, a state in which the body becomes the movement extension of the breath and the breath gradually becomes a tune, a melody, the lullaby; and, on the other hand, the exploration of the layers of a constructed figure through speaking, dancing, singing and striking poses. Materials from these two parts are revisited and re-performed, oscillating between the internal act of breathing and the outwardly staging of female personas.

The solo, a work initiated after Claudia Garbe has experienced a big shift in her personhood because of giving birth and becoming a mother, is underlained by the theme of becoming: identity appears as an active process of communicating between own interpretations of oneself and external projections.

The texts spoken during the performance are from Rainer Maria Rilke (8. Duineser Elegie) and Claudia Garbe.

Good Evening, Good Night (Guten Abend, Gute Nacht)
Sleeping song

Text: traditional, Music: Johannes Brahms

Good evening, good night,
With roses covered,
With cloves adorned,
Slip under the covers.
Tomorrow morning, if God wills,
you will wake once again.

Choreographer and performer Claudia Garbe works in lives in Berlin. She studied in Hildesheim and Wologda Performance Studies and Music and Choreography (MA) at HZT Berlin. She was invited for residencies to Critical Path, Sydney, Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, Theatre Maneken/ Gallery Okno, Tschelabinsk and K3, Hamburg. Her choreographies were shown in Germany, Australia und Russia. 2012 she received the initial funding of the Senat of Berlin for her solo „Into/Out of Landscape“ and 2013 a DanceWeb scholarship for Impulstanz in Vienna.
2009 together with composer Daniel Vezza and visual artist Ingolf Watzlaw she founded the collective possible.movement.

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TFB Nr. 1464

Cast & Credits

Choreography / Performance: Claudia Garbe
Dramaturgy: Anja Spitzer
Out Side Eye: Lotta Beckers
Light / costume: Ingolf Watzlaw
Sound: Vera Pulido

Supported by Theaterhaus Mitte, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Uferstudios and Tanzraum Wedding

Thanks to: Anja Spitzer, Vera Pulido, Ingolf Watzlaw, Lotta Beckers, Felix Goldmann, Elena Bolsuna, Grit Lindau, David Bloom, Sonya Levin, Marc-Phillip Gabriel, Magda Korsinsky, Rosalind Crisp, Anna Leon, Falk Grever, Johanne Castillo Bro , Franziska Richter, Ekaterina Mostovaia, Lola Agostini, Elena Basteri, Friederike Meese, Marek + Kasimir

ACUD Theater

Veteranenstrasse 21
Berlin Mitte

Tickets: (030) 44 35 94 97

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