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Recording: 2022-11-12 , TD Berlin (Video © Bickmann & Kolde GbR)

Lois Alexander, Christoph Winkler


Monologfestival Showcase - Feels Like | TD Berlin

Production Details / Press Releases

You, Need, Go, Search, Find, Take, Return, CHANGE: Through the means of dance, this solo performance takes a look at the methods of world and character building that claim to master the planability of imagination. What happens when they encounter the unpredictable and vulnerable of the moment in a performance?
Science-Fiction and Fantasy are by far the most popular film genres on Netflix & Co. Complex narratives, meticulous storylines and intricate worlds captivate millions of people. But who actually constructs these storylines and builds these worlds? There are many tools and methods for this that claim to engineer our imagination. Sometimes, they take an almost mechanistic approach.

The choreographers Lois Alexander and Christoph Winkler examine these strategies through documentary texts, video snippets and physical materials, focusing especially on the so called “wounding event”. In this process, the workings of human imagination are dissected and woven together into a new live performance that resists the mechanistic.

Lois Alexander was born in California and is of Afro-American, Filipino and Chinese heritage. Since 2014, she has been living and working in Europe. She was a member of the ensemble of Staatstheater Saarbrücken and a guest at Theater Trier. In the independent scene she has worked with Romeo Castellucci and Christoph Winkler and is developing her own choreography practice and teaching.

Christoph Winkler is considered to be one of the most versatile choreographers in Germany. His work spans across different formats and revolves around personal themes as well as political ones. Since 1988, he has created many productions, mainly in Berlin, that have toured copious festivals around the world. For his piece Das wahre Gesicht – Dance is not Enough he was awarded the Deutscher Theaterpreis in the category “Best Choreography”. In 2020, Christoph Winkler was awarded a George Tabori award.

For the 2022 Showcase of the Monologfestival, 6 monologues will climb into the ring of emotions over 3 days, and will playfully explore the crossroads at which we as a society grow close or continue to drift apart. We invite you to watch several short monologues in one evening and to chat and dance between performances in our BAR WITH FEELING – let your feelings run free in the direction of: A Becoming.A Could.A Different.
The very different solo works dare to openly show feelings in their confrontation and lower their weapons for their departure into a community. With fantastic storytelling, dance, music, performance and humor, these pieces deal with emotional issues, techniques of emotionalization and personal as well as social longings. With these revivals from the 2021 Monologfestival, under the motto FEELS LIKE: we are interested in exploring the individual and political potential of feelings and their real impact in terms of change and our ability to act.


TFB Nr. 1707

Cast & Credits

With and by: Lois Alexander
Concept: Christoph Winkler
Video Editor: Gabriella Fiore, Matthias Härtig
Production Direction: Laura Biagioni
Co-Production: Monologfestival 2021 – TD Berlin

Monologfestival Showcase – Feels Like
Artistic Direction: Janette Mickan, Michael Müller
Production Direction: Imma Scarpato
Stage Design Bar Mit Gefühl: Soojin Oh
Graphics: Christiane Patić, Christin Striegler
Tech: Stephan Mäusel, David Ojala, Florian Brossmann
PR, Social Media: Sarah Mohr
Press TD: Kerstin Böttcher, Rike Nölting
Website: Kulturinventur
Thanks to: the whole TD team
Co-Production: TD Berlin
Supported by: Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

TD Berlin

Klosterstraße 44
10179 Berlin

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