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Recording: 2017-10-25 , Uferstudios (© Walter Bickmann)

Interview / Portrait

Tanzcompagnie Rubato

Tanzcompagnie Rubato

The Berlin based Tanzcompagnie Rubato was founded by the dancers and choreographers Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann in 1985. They have since developed 58 full-length pieces in various constellations of artists and cultures and have toured throughout the world. In 1992, the Academy of the Arts awarded Rubato the Prize for Performing Arts. They have created various commissioned pieces and co-productions in cooperation with the House of World Cultures Berlin, the Academy of the Arts Berlin and the steirische herbst, Graz. In addition, they have been working continually since 1995 in China and developed several co-productions there (Guangdong, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenyang, Yunnan Province).


Trailers and Video Documentations

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