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Recording: 2018-11-15 , Uferstudios (Video © Walter Bickmann)

Tanzcompagnie Rubato

blue-sky thinking


Production Details / Press Releases

“Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What do we expect? What awaits us? … It is important to learn to hope. … The work of this affect requires people who throw themselves into the endeavor, to which they themselves belong.” With these words, the philosopher Ernst Bloch begins his central work” The Principle of Hope “.

Hope as something positive, as a forward-looking force. A force that leads from the desire to the will to action. Because the signs of the times we live in, are more in the direction of uncertainty, fear, conflict and isolation, the positive affect “hope” interests us as a deep human desire for a happy life. Daydreams are an important part of making hopes come true. blue-sky thinking, an attempt to develop creative ideas that are not constrained by current realities, trends, and beliefs.

[Source: play bill]

TFB Nr. 1256

Cast & Credits

Artistic Concept, Set: Jutta Hell, Dieter Baumann
Direction, Choreography: Jutta Hell
Dance, Choreography: Alessandra Defazio, Dieter Baumann, Carlos Osatinsky, Anja Sielaff
Live Music, Composition: Alexander Nickmann
Light, technical director: Fabian Bleisch
Production manager: Inge Zysk
Communication: k3 berlin

Production: Tanzcompagnie Rubato, Berlin, supported by the Senate for Culture and Europe, Berlin, in cooperation with Studio Sonic and Uferstudios Berlin.


Uferstr. 8/23
13357 Berlin


Video Documentation

The video documentation is produced on behalf of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. The purpose of this contract is to document productions in the field of contemporary dance in Berlin. The master recordings are archived by the University Library of the Berlin University of Arts. Copies of the recordings on DVD are available for viewing exclusively in the reference collections of the following archives (at media desks in these institutions):

University Library of the Berlin University of Arts
Mediathek für Tanz und Theater des Internationalen Theaterinstituts / Mime Centrum Berlin
Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT)

Tanzcompagnie Rubato / Trailers and Video Documentations

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